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8 Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix

Like many people, I’ve had either way too much time on my hands or none at all during this pandemic. And when there’s nothing to do but sit inside, what else is there but Netflix? I’ve watched WAY too much television for my own good, BUT the silver lining to that? I have a list of the top shows to watch and binge your heart out.

Sex Education

Okay… If you haven’t seen or heard of this show, you are missing out. It’s the awkward, dry, British comedy we all need in our lives. Yes, there are two seasons; yes, there will be a third; yes, they are starting production soon!!! So don’t you worry… once you’re hooked, there will be more. This is probably up there on my “favorite TV shows ever” list, top five at least.

New Girl

I don’t know where I’ve been, but I started this when it originally aired on FOX years ago and didn’t continue it. I’m re-watching it now with my boyfriend and I think this is one of the few shows that actually makes us laugh out loud and cry. We have to pause it, rewind, and re-watch scenes over and over again because it’s so fast, so witty, and honestly a little stupid. It’s a great way to end a long day.

Gilmore Girls

I re-watched this whole series at the beginning of quarantine with my family and it hit me in all the feely spots. If you’re looking for a long haul binge session that will last you a month, do this. This mother daughter duo is so quick and witty, and it’ll have you calling your mom at 3am crying about why you argued in high school. It’s worth it.

Schitt’s Creek

So this show won every. single. Emmy. All of them. From the entire comedic genera. This is one of the greatest shows I’ve seen; I love how much it makes me laugh. The family dynamic is epic and the arch for all four main characters is so touching to watch. The first season is harder to get through… but I promise you it’s worth it

Criminal Minds

Clearly I like comedies… But I also love repetitive crime dramas. I know how every episode is going to go down, I know I’m going to get scared shitless once every five episodes, and hey! every actor on this show is smoking hot. It’s a fun to binge and if you like getting creeped out, it’s a great one to watch before bed. If you’re weird like I am… it’s also fun to watch during dinner, but if you have a weaker stomach, maybe not. I love a good crime drama.

The Great British Baking Show

I love people from the UK. So much. I watch baking competitions in the states but they’re kind of dumb with their action/stress music and crazy edits, it’s fun but it’s flashy. I like that the GBBS is stripped all the way down, the bakers are all home bakers, they genuinely enjoy baking and cooking and they make the coolest treats and tarts. I get so hungry when I watch this show though, so I recommend watching while snacking.


This is a great creepy show, with awesome actors, and a thriller story line. It makes my stomach churn, and its just graphic enough where I don’t get distracted. I really like the plot of this show and the twists in it are great. So if you want to binge something a bit creepier, I would recommend watching You.

The Haunting of Hill House

Just in time for spooky season, this is one of my favorite scary television shows. I love horror movies, so I feel like I finally found a show with a good plot that isn’t stupid, but can scare the crap out of me. I’ve watched the first season, and I can’t wait to start the second.

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