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Ten Ways to Deal with Anxiety: Love, An Anxious Person

So there are different ways to help with anxiety, long term practices and immediate practices to help in the moment. I’m going to start with immediate things I do when the world is on fire and I can’t take it anymore and then talk about the things I do to help with my daily anxiety

  • Coming into the five senses

I do a practice where I will sit and write down five things I see, four things I hear, three things I touch, two things I smell, and one thing I taste. Doing this practice lets me focus on the immediate peace that surrounds me and lets my mind focus on what’s happening around me instead of what’s racing in my mind.

  • Standing in a hot shower for five minutes and focusing on my breathing

I do this, mainly, to get out of the room I was previously having anxiety in. Changing up the scenery immediately helps me, and getting into hot water just feels comforting. Focusing on my breath brings me back into myself and helps me feel connected to my body and mind and it gives me the time I need to calm down. I also always shower with my boyfriend, it helps me feel less alone.

  • Turning on a movie and snuggling up with my dog and partner

Having to pick out a movie can make me anxious, to be honest, but turning on a household favorite, something that makes me laugh, is sometimes the best way to turn my head off for a couple hours. Sometimes I don’t want to be touched when I’m in an anxious place, but inevitably, physical touch is also the thing that comforts me the most. So watching a favorite movie gives me the space to get comfortable in something I know so I can be comforted with snuggles!

  • Getting outside and taking my dog for a walk

Changing location is huge, and getting out into fresh air keeps me from festering in my own head for too long. Getting up and getting out is a key thing for me when I’m caught up in something that is making me stress and worry. I find that when those anxieties seem endless it’s important to go outside, spend time with my dog, and move my body.

  • Morning Yoga

I use yoga as a long term practice, waking up and doing some sun salutations or stretches, or even a 15-minute flow brings me into a serene headspace for the day. It wakes me up without caffeine, it motivates me to be more physical later, and doing something where my mind and body can move harmoniously helps with the stress that comes later on in the day.

  • Moving my body, GO WORK OUT

Endorphins baby! Nothing feel better than working up a big sweat when the anxiety is hitting hard. I love emptying my mind, boosting my heart rate, and feeling my muscles work. I also feel 100x better when I get home because I feel like I’ve been productive and accomplished something in only an hour. When in doubt, work it out.

  • Sitting down with a book and a fat glass of wine

Having a good book on hand is very important, I don’t read every night before bed, but I do try and read a little every day to disconnect from media. So grabbing that book and pouring myself a glass of wine is a way for me to escape what’s happening in my world and join someone else’s for an hour.

  • Lighting candles and taking a hot bath

Taking a bath is a form of self-care for me, I’m consciously taking the time to do something that solely benefits my well-being. A half hour soak in a hot tub with essential oils truly detoxifies all the gunk going on in my body and mind. People are drawn to fire and are entranced by it, so lighting a candle and just watching the flame flicker is a great way to un-focus your mind from your thoughts and to just feel the relaxation.

  • Smoking some weed before bed

Smoking before bed is one of my favorite ways to unwind, it lets me focus on my breathing and empty my mind of the day’s stresses. It helps me get less tense and more present in the moment. I also find that falling asleep, and staying asleep is way easier.

  • Looking up a new recipe and cooking

I find so much joy in cooking. I love discovering new recipes and I love that when I cook I get to focus on creating something. Cooking is therapeutic for me, so digging through a cookbook to find a new vegan dish I haven’t made yet is exciting and it keeps me in a healthy headspace

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